Thank You! Plus, Closure Recap!

Wolf Pack, with your help we have made it through the closure period and we will be reopening our stores!

While we were closed we shipped over 1,000 orders to our you, our awesome customers! As a result we were able to recoup almost 50% of our sales volume while we were closed. We feel extremely grateful, more so than ever before, to live in and serve such an awesome community.

We were also reminded that Wolf Pack Nation expands well beyond Northern Nevada. The below graphic shows places that we shipped orders while we were closed. We limited it to one logo per city, but in many cases we shipped several orders to the same city. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support. My kids enjoyed their “internship,” and they learned a lot of real life skills! We had an amazing time working together, full of fun, hard work, some trying moments, and a lot of life lessons. We met the goal of paying our staff throughout the entire closure, and everyone in our family and on our team owes their safety and well being to the support and love that you all showed us. We can’t thank you enough.

Please enjoy the map below, showcasing the amazing support we’ve received from all of you. The locations highlighted in teal are the newest additions to our wonderful map.